Sonia's story not only goes back to 80's where opened its doors in the same place where it is today, but goes back from her childhood beside her mother, aunts and uncles fishermen and besides great chefs, where she learned the best kept secrets of the traditional marine cuisine.

It was there, in Chorrillos, where she met Freddy, a hardworking and enterprising fisherman who put the other condiment for the appearance of love between them from a young age.

He used to supply the kitchen of Sonia's mother (Doña Isabel) and goes to the sea with her uncles to bring most treasured species that the sea gave him, so Sonia could prepare wonderful dishes in the kitchen and she was falling in love every day.

Freddy was progressing and growing as a sailor, also learning the great secrets of the sea, the risks, dangers and hazards alongside the old sea wolves and Sonia's uncles who carried him to fish and they revealed to him the skills to get victorious and with good fishing from the sea.


It was so Freddy grew up and had three boats (Snail, Flintstones and Jaws) as the same he told in one of his poems: A HANDS FULL FISHING, CHEAP FISH EVERY TIME, and in such abundance at that time they decide to buy the piece of land that today is this restaurant. But this adventure was just beginning, Sonia started with four tables and it was time verano the restaurant that had the Club Regatas was not enough and they were his first customers. At first a little afraid, but then they were delighted by the seasoning and charisma of Sonia.

Freddy tells in one of his stories: the fishing that brought from sea one part was for Sonia and the other he sold in the dock, but such was the demand that was all over and he had to return to the dock to buy fish to them who had sold them an hour ago.

Sonia continues until today the same traditional structure of fisherman's house, where you eat and breathe fresh, where you receive the commensal who wants to enjoy the traditional seafood prepared with recipes of ancient fishermen.

Also Sonia was visited for some presidents at the time of his mandate, as the architect Fernando Belaunde Terry, Alan García in his two governments, Alberto Fujimori and Alejandro Toledo who surrendered to her seasoning and flavor.