43 years pleasing the most demanding palates and we love it

Sonia's story not only goes back to 79's where opened its doors in the same place where it is today, but goes back from her childhood beside her mother, aunts and uncles fishermen and besides great chefs, where she ...

About Us
"I am blessed fisherman, I always repeat ... Navigating sea Pesco what I want, so every year I ride with San Pedro"
-Fredy Guardia G.-
"Lying sail sailing, wind supporting his onslaught, we return to the bosom of our dear mother. Little fish ate blessed Christ the Redeemer with San Pedro fisherman"
-Fredy Guardia G.-
"I'm sailing, oars in hand, in our sovereign sea I livelihood of the people looking for food"
- Fredy Guardia G. -


Today we have 43 years pleasing the most demanding palates and we like to do, enjoy doing it, it is that we want you. Do not enter a restaurant but a home, you feel comfortable and enjoy the food as we enjoyed preparing it for you , WELCOME!

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